LTTP & Clotheshorse Podcast is LIVE!

by Shopify API

We made a Podcast!

We had a blast and covered all the hot topics....Textile recycling, 70's towels, unsolved mysteries, Delta Burke and more!

 When Amanda Lee McCarty, founder of the the podcast Clotheshorse and my long time internet friend, reached out to me about recording a podcast I was thrilled! Not only did we get to hear each others voices IRL for the first time, but we had so much fun chatting about some of our favorite things. Clotheshorse is a great podcast that focuses on demystifying the fashion industry and all the weird stuff you just never knew. On this episode we talk about our love of textiles, 70's towels, thrifting in the 90's, fabric waste, what we can do about it and of course some pop culture weirdness, because we can't help ourselves. It's out today on apple podcast, or whatever you stream your podcasts. You can also listen directly here. Give it a listen, I think you'll enjoy it as much as we did.